Thursday, July 9, 2009

"When is he gonna engage me?"

Caitlin Smitley and Christoper Vickers will be married at Riverside Baptist Church in December with a reception following at The Florida Yacht Club. Today, during a consultation at our Ortega location, Caitlin and her family kept us cracking up as she related the very sweet story of getting engaged. Whether talking about their adventures dining at Salt at the Ritz Carlton, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree or how she decided on her wedding date, her effervescence is contagious!

Caitlin will be an absolutely dazzling bride and we are so pleased to be working with you.
As the Smitelys and Vickers join families this winter, you can bet there will be a bright future full of fun, laughter and happiness.

Caitlin, Miss Pam, Chris and Teresa you are absolutely delightful. Welcome to the KBR family!
And ... THANK YOU Jen Moseley Photography for introducing us to our new friends!

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